Friday, June 28, 2013

Car HUD Version 1.1

I've updated the design of the heads-up display, with everything mounted with suction cups over the dashboard.

Some problems with the previous version (1.0) that I aimed to fix are the following:
  • My knee would often hit the Arduino
  • The combiner was rather high in my field of vision
  • My hand sometimes obstructed the display when using my turn signal
So the Arduino is now on the passenger side and the lens is right above the radio:
Whole setup

One thing I don't like about the new setup is that my bad engineering skills created a suction cup right in the middle of my field of vision:
Driver's view, notice left suction cup considerably higher than the right

Arduino and Lens


Arduino in a cardboard case

Support for the combiner mount provided by
white plastic rods (cut from plastic hangers)

I'm not convinced that this design is better than version 1.0, but it does get the job done.

Be on the lookout, version 2.0 is in the building stage right now with lots of upgrades!



  1. This is very cool, and it's fun to watch your development process. Would it work to mount the LEDs on the ceiling of the car, to get it out of the way? You might need a mirror to point it better, depending on what's in the way.

    How hard are you driving the LEDs? Are you attempting to have them bright enough for full daylight use? They seem pretty bright in the photos.

    1. I did try to mount the display on the ceiling a while back. When the display was to the left of my head, the lens greatly obstructed my view of the road. When the display was to the right of my head, it obstructed the view from my rearview mirror.

      I have not experimented with mirrors, mostly because that adds extra cost and it's one more thing to mount. But if nothing else works I might have to start thinking with mirrors.

      You're right, the LED display is at full brightness in order to make it visible in daylight. I'll probably add a brightness control knob in a future version because it gets a little too bright at night.

  2. This is very cool, and it's fun to watch your development process. Would it work to mount the LEDs on the ceiling of the car, used car engines

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